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located in Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, France
related artists
  • Percevalmusic
  • Passe Montagne
  • Tony Chauvin:
    • guitar
    • analogue synthesizer
  • Julien Fernandez:
    • drums
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Photo of Chevreuil

Chevreuil (in English: roe deer) was a math rock band from Nantes, formed in . They dissolved around after having released four LPs, among other things. Chevreuil consisted of Julien Fernandez on drums (he also played drums for another French

math rock outfit by the name of Passe Montagne) and

Tony Chauvin (who has a solo project by the name of Percevalmusic) on guitar and later also on analogue synthesizers. When performing, Tony Chauvin would hook up his instrument(s) to four amplifiers pointing in four directions, and the band would then play while surrounded by the audience on all sides. Their last two LPs (“Chateauvallon” and “(((Capoëira)))”) — as well as their “Science” EP — were produced by Steve Albini.

It would seem that Chevreuil had a lot in common with another band that has an entry here: Cheval de Frise. They both were French math rock outfits, both consisted of a guitar & drums duo, both were on the RuminanCe label, both formed and dissolved at around the same times, and both had band names starting with Chev! But if you were expecting music like that of Cheval de Frise, you would be barking up the wrong tree. Chevreuil play a groove-oriented style of math rock, with Tony Chauvin making use of a looper pedal to create layered grooves over Julien Fernandez’s drumming. Because of this orientation around grooves, and the instrumental nature of Chevreuil’s music, they have often been labeled as post-rock in addition to math rock. Their music is, however, punk music (particularly, math rock) at its core, and the focus of their compositions is on creating highly technical interlocking rhythms. Chevreuil make heavy use of both polymeter and polyrhythm, producing dizzying grooves that can often be difficult to even follow. “(((Capoëira)))” is perhaps the band’s magnum opus, so if you check anything out by this band, “(((Capoëira)))” is a good place to start.

notes on the distributions

In the listing and distribution below, the final (untitled) track of “Sport” is the hidden track, and the track before it (“Uventene”) is mostly silence, with the actual tune being played at the beginning of the track. The original version of “Sport” lacks both of these tracks, and some versions lack the hidden track.

The original version of “Ghetto Blaster” does not have the track “Lead Ingénieur”, and also lists the final track as “Super Jarre Rumo”. In the listing and distribution below, the reissue is represented.

The Sickroom Records reissue of “Chateauvallon” has an extra track at the beginning entitled “Multipliance”. The listing and distribution below do not reflect this reissue, but rather the original RuminanCe release. “Rock'n'roll Garnison” is sometimes listed as “Rock'n roll Garnison” or “Rock'nrollgarnison”. “Baseball Player” is sometimes listed as “Baseballplayer”. “Forteresse Courage” is sometimes listed as “Forteressecourage”.

The distribution listed here for the split between Chevreuil and fellow Nantes math rockers Room 204 only includes Room 204’s contribution.

“(((Capoëira)))” is sometimes listed as “(((Capoeira)))”, “Capoëira”, and/or “Capoeira”.

Chevreuil discography
title [split] Ulan Bator / Chevreuil [V/A] plastiq 1 Sport Ghetto Blaster [V/A] Goback Connection N°1 Chateauvallon [split] Chevreuil / Room 204 [split] Chevreuil for Petzi Vs. Honey for Chevreuil (((Capoëira))) Science Fils Unique
cover art
cover art for “[split] Ulan Bator / Chevreuil”
cover art for “[V/A] plastiq 1”
cover art for “Sport”
cover art for “Ghetto Blaster”
cover art for “[V/A] Goback Connection N°1”
cover art for “Chateauvallon”
cover art for “[split] Chevreuil / Room 204”
cover art for “[split] Chevreuil for Petzi Vs. Honey for Chevreuil”
cover art for “(((Capoëira)))”
cover art for “Science”
cover art for “Fils Unique”
other art
1 Ulan Bator — Echo #5
2 Chevreuil — Untitled ???
3 Chevreuil — Untitled ???
total duration ???
1 Jean Chevalier — La Trompette Au Manège
2 Chevreuil — La Mort En Forme De Locomotive
3 Alain de Filippis — Rhapsody
4 Formanex — Treatise
5 La Kuizine & Loretta — Brahm's Moll
6 Yann Leru — Jade
7 Otokan — Mute Ant
8 Robonom — Pøisshtek
9 Keith Rowe — Erdstappa
10 Shô — DX 34
11 Village Bunker — Pétrole
total duration
1 Battiston
2 Modenature
3 Montacute
4 Acier
5 Bacteria
6 College
7 Sport
8 Christobal
9 Uventene
10 [untitled]
total duration
1 Facade Stablilizer
2 Ghetto Loisir
3 Sport Matériel
4 Sumo
5 Tube Audio
6 Méthode Cristal
7 Dynamic Professional
8 Lead Ingénieur
9 Fleuron Blaster
10 Super Jarre
total duration
1 Staüffen — Amour, Infidélité, Introspection ???
2 The Stars At My Desk — The Holy 3600 Seconds ???
3 Shub — Practice (Pre-Shub Track) ???
4 Social End Product — Flimo ???
5 Absinthe — Provisoire ???
6 Chris.P.Ski — Roucoulons Milleret ???
7 Jean Player Spacial — Once Upon A Time ???
8 One Foot Dancer — 22,3% Hip-Hop ???
9 Plod — Nihilcrack ???
10 Earoc — Pickin ???
11 Chevreuil — Castamelfarga ???
12 Malcom Skene — Endgames ???
13 Tötentest — My Heart Belongs 2 The Dead (Said The Drunk) ???
14 Zolestin Mayr — Old Time Interlude ???
15 Üg — A Great December ???
16 Atoll-Zed — Il A Baisé La Grosse ???
17 — Evilperf ???
total duration ???
1 Turbofonte
2 Bastogne
3 Rock'n'roll Garnison
4 Champion
5 Superchateau
6 Chimioroméo
7 Baseball Player
8 Capcombat
9 Forteresse Courage
10 Rauturo
total duration
1 Chevreuil — Commando ???
2 Room 204 — Purmoket ???
total duration ???
1 Chevreuil — Post-Teenage State ???
2 Honey for Petzi — Turbocombat ???
total duration ???
1 >>>+/−<<<
2 Cannibal Lover
3 Gendarme
4 Concorde
5 Afronegro
6 Cimetière Végétarien
7 Breakdance
8 Chanteur De Charme
9 Tonnerre Mécanique
10 Solier Supérieur
total duration
1 Satan
2 Téllurie
3 Téléphonie
4 Alchimie
5 Chiromancie
total duration
1 Satan ???
2 Téléphonie (version paralèlle) ???
total duration ???
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