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located in Middlesex County, New Jersey, United States
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  • Chris Corvino:
    • guitar
  • Keith Huckins:
    • guitar
  • Tim Singer:
    • vocals
  • Tim Naumann:
    • bass guitar
    • vocals
  • Dave Rosenberg:
    • drums
  • Jim Baglino:
    • bass guitar
  • Chris Pierce:
    • guitar
  • Tom Yak:
    • guitar
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Photo of Deadguy

Deadguy are a band that — one would hope — needs no introduction, but here we are, after the release of the seminal “Fixation on a Coworker”! Deadguy was a fairly early metalcore band hailing from New Jersey that formed after the breakup of fellow New Jersey metalcorers Rorschach (guitarist Keith Huckins of Rorschach was a founding member of Deadguy). Rorschach were a pretty legendary band themselves, being one of the first (along with Ohio natives Integrity) to pioneer the genre of metalcore. Deadguy, however, managed to sound remarkably modern (while still being in the old-school “metallic hardcore” style), and were a key innovator of the mathcore genre, arguably being the first

mathcore band. Between the breakneck, thrash-inspired

riffs, the abrupt changes of metre, and the use of dissonant, screeching chords often formed around tritones, Deadguy paved the way for mathcore. Suffice it to say that without Deadguy, there would be no The Dillinger Escape Plan (also from New Jersey) and no Botch.

“Fixation on a Coworker” was the last Deadguy release featuring founding members Keith Huckins and Tim Singer, who departed from the band to form Kiss It Goodbye (also mathcore/metalcore) with former Rorschach members Thom Rusnack and Andrew Gormley.

An official Deadguy documentary is slated to be released in late . You can watch the trailer (released ) on YouTube here. There is also an associated website here: (archived).

notes on the distributions

“Whitemeat” is sometimes listed as “White Meat”.

On some releases, “Screamin' With The Deadguy Quintet” does not list the final track, “Prosthetic Head”.

Deadguy discography
title Whitemeat Work Ethic Fixation on a Coworker Screamin' With The Deadguy Quintet I Know Your Tragedy
cover art
cover art for “Whitemeat”
cover art for “Work Ethic”
cover art for “Fixation on a Coworker”
cover art for “Screamin' With The Deadguy Quintet”
cover art for “I Know Your Tragedy”
other art
1 Druid
2 The Extremist
3 John Dear
total duration
1 Running With Scissors
2 Apparatus
3 Puny Human
total duration
1 Doom Patrol
2 Pins and Needles
3 Die with Your Mask On
4 Baby Arm
5 Makeshift Atomsmasher
6 The Extremist
7 Nine Stitches
8 Riot Stairs
9 Apparatus
10 Crazy Eddie
total duration
1 Human Pig
2 (Escape From) The Fake Clink
3 Turk 182
4 Free Mustache Rides
5 Angry Dwarf
6 Prosthetic Head
total duration
1 (Escape From) The Fake Clink
2 Doom Patrol
3 Die With Your Mask On
4 Human Pig / The Extremist
5 Makeshift Atomsmasher
6 Baby Arm
7 Pins And Needles
8 Turk 182
9 Apparatus
10 John Dear
11 Electric Funeral [demo] [Black Sabbath cover]
total duration
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