Evan Brewer

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lifespan – present
located in Nashville, Tennessee, United States
related artists
  • Reflux
  • Animosity
  • The Faceless
  • Entheos
  • Lillake
  • Animals as Leaders
  • Climaxes
  • Point of You?
  • Artificium Sanguis
  • Fleshwrought
  • Hoods
  • Evan Brewer:
    • bass guitar
  • Navene Koperweis:
    • drums
  • Jeremiah Abel:
    • keyboards
    • piano
associated labels
Photo of Evan Brewer

Evan Brewer is an American bass guitarist, best known for his work as part of progressive metal/technical death metal/metalcore bands such as The Faceless, Animosity, Entheos, and Reflux. He has also, however, released excellent solo work. His first solo album, “Alone”, is truly a solo album and solely features sounds produced by Brewer using electric bass guitars. The influence of the Wootens is clear on this album, although it is effectively a funky western chamber music album, with influences from progressive rock/progressive metal. His second solo album features performances by Navene Koperweis (Animals as Leaders, Animosity, Entheos, Navene K) and Jeremiah Abel, and incorporates electronic influences into its progressive rock/jazz-funk sound. Both are highly unique albums that are worth listening to, if only to see whether or not you like the unique things that they have to offer.

Evan Brewer discography
title Alone Your Itinerary
cover art
cover art for “Alone”
cover art for “Your Itinerary”
other art
1 Actualize
2 Contraband
3 Currency
4 Altered Perspective One
5 Altered Perspective Two
6 Vertigo
7 The Decline
8 Degenerate
9 Looking West
10 A Climate For Change
total duration
1 The Adjacent Possible
2 Microscopic Scale
3 Another World
4 This Seems Familiar
5 A Little Goes A Long Way
6 Cause For Concern
7 Home Away From Home
8 Full Circle
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