Lye By Mistake

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located in St. Louis, Missouri, United States
  • Josh Bauman:
    • guitar
  • Drew Button:
    • drums
  • Tony Saputo:
    • vocals
    • keyboards
    • theremin
  • Bob-e Rite:
    • guitar
  • Johnnie Truesdale:
    • bass guitar
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Lye By Mistake was a jazz metal/mathcore outfit from St. Louis, Missouri, formed some time in . They released their first album, a demo EP by the name of “The Fabulous”, some time in . All of the tunes from this demo would be re-recorded — along with three new tracks not on the demo — for their debut full-length album, “Arrangements For Fulminating Vective” (). The band started recording demos for their next record around (these are listed here as “Fea Jur Demos”), until the departure of vocalist Tony Saputo. The band carried on, and released the new album as a totally instrumental album “Fea Jur” in . The members of the band went their separate ways some time in , although there was never any official announcement of their dissolution. The members of Lye By Mistake went by a wide variety of (typically goofy) nicknames, which are not necessarily reflected by the member listing here.

While Lye By Mistake’s music had plenty of constants throughout their career, it is useful to divide it into two eras: that of “Arrangements For Fulminating Vective”, and that of “Fea Jur”. For many listeners, the most obvious difference will be the lack of vocals in the latter album, versus the fairly prominent mathcore vocals in the former. But the “Fea Jur Demos” give us a decent idea of what “Fea Jur” would have sounded like, had their vocalist not left the band — and still, the differences between “Arrangements” and “Fea Jur” are very clear. “Arrangements” displays clear influence from New Jersey mathcore pioneers The Dillinger Escape Plan (particularly “Calculating Infinity” ()), and perhaps also from grindier mathcore acts (read: whitebelt) like early Daughters — or even The Locust, considering the experimentation with synthesizers (and later, theremin). As a result, “Arrangements” is characterised by through-composition, aimless chromatic runs, rhythmic low-end stabs from the guitars, and perhaps most importantly, the incomplete assimilation of jazz influences with the overall mathcore approach. Another good point of reference here is Between the Buried and Me — although Lye By Mistake lacked the death metal/deathcore origins of BtBaM, both “Arrangements” and BtBaM’s pre-“Parallax” material share the tendency to place contrasting genres/styles directly next to each other for the sake of contrast, rather than for compositional reasons — usually with little in the way of transitioning. As a result, if what you were looking for was jazz metal proper, you will likely be disappointed with “Arrangements” (except perhaps with the latter bit of “Nero’s Intention”…), even if it is technically metal music with jazz influences.

On the other hand, “Fea Jur” (and the “Fea Jur Demos”) represents the much further maturation of this jazz metal approach into something that one could be proud to call “jazz metal”. Indeed, “Fea Jur” is one of the finest attempts at such a fusion that I know of, and comes highly recommended to all fans of metal and to all fans of jazz. “Fea Jur” really is a more metallic form of jazz fusion, retaining its mathcore origins through the use of often rhythmically unsettling riffing and hyperactive drumming, even if it has lost one of the primary instruments of mathcore: the human voice. Humourously, the same thing occurs on RYM with Lye By Mistake as with Dysrhythmia: because of the instrumental nature of “Fea Jur”, it is marked as a math rock album! And to think that all a mathcore band has to do to be math rock is lose their vocalist… and that all math rock with unclean vocals is not really math rock after all! In all seriousness, “Fea Jur” has little, if any, math rock influence; a safer bet for a diplomatic genre labeling is progressive metal and/or brutal prog.

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“Frozen Mandibles” from the “Fea Jur Demos” was renamed to “Stag” before being released as part of “Fea Jur”.

Lye By Mistake discography
title The Fabulous Arrangements For Fulminating Vective Fea Jur Demos Fea Jur
cover art
cover art for “The Fabulous”
cover art for “Arrangements For Fulminating Vective”
cover art for “Fea Jur Demos”
cover art for “Fea Jur”
other art
1 Silence The Girl
2 If We Were Intense, This Song Would Be A Boyscout
3 900 Seconds In Search Of Jerry
4 Ostrich Feathers And Apple Pie
5 Dream As I May, I Feel It And It's So Wrong...
total duration
1 Silence, The Girl
2 If We Were Intense, This Song Would Be A Boyscout
3 Aboriginal Negatives
4 Ostrich Feathers and Apple Pie
5 900 Seconds In Search of Jerry
6 John Nash and the Flipper
7 Dream As I May, I Feel It, and It's So Wrong
8 Nero's Intention
total duration
1 Big Red Button
2 Frozen Mandibles
3 Money Eating Mary
total duration
1 Big Red Button
2 The Condition
3 Invincible Badass
4 Vanguard to Nowhere
5 Stag
6 Fea Jur
7 Missouri Tomater
8 Money Eating Mary (Karaoke Remix)
total duration
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