Mihai Edrisch

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located in Lyon, Rhône, France
related artists
  • Celeste
  • Daïtro
  • Bâton Rouge
  • Ancre
  • Simfela
  • Johan Girardeau:
    • vocals
    • samples
  • Benoît Desvignes:
    • drums
    • piano
  • Rémi:
    • guitar
  • Florian:
    • bass guitar
    • acoustic guitar
  • Guillaume Rieth:
    • guitar
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Photo of Mihai Edrisch

Mihai Edrisch was a screamo band from Lyon that formed some time in . The band’s entire recorded output consists of two LPs: one released in and one released in . Vocalist Johan Girardeau would go on to form blackened screamo outfit Celeste with later Mihai Edrisch guitarist Guillaume Rieth, with Johan Girardeau on vocal and bass guitar duties, and Guillaume Rieth on guitar. Mihai Edrisch drummer and pianist Benoît Desvignes is perhaps best known for his work as the drummer of fellow Lyon

screamo outfit [Daïtro](/entries/daitro).

The music of Mihai Edrisch is often compared to that of their French screamo/post-hardcore peers, like Daïtro and Toulousian screamo/post-rockers Sed Non Satiata. It is true that some of the comments made on Daïtro apply here as well; in particular, Mihai Edrisch fill out many of their arrangements with complex and winding sequences of block chords that take up the middle-to-high register of the guitar, and their records have a production style that is reminiscent of the moody ambience — throughout both soft and loud sections — of Envy. But the music of Mihai Edrisch, while it may sound similar to that of their French peers on the surface, is unique in its commitment to tight, yet quite complex, song structures and riffs. Because of this, Mihai Edrisch are here tagged with math rock, emoviolence, and mathcore, none of which they are typically associated with. The unusual rhythms and general “skronkiness” of many of Mihai Edrisch’s guitar riffs recalls math rock influence, and even mathcore — even if Mihai Edrisch cannot realistically be considered a metalcore band. And the bass guitar playing and drumming of this band are no slouches, either; many of the individual performances on Mihai Edrisch’s records are nothing short of athletic, often featuring the high tempi, the maximalist drumming — and even sometimes quasi-blast beats — typical of emoviolence.

Mihai Edrisch discography
title L'un Sans L'Autre Un Jour Sans Lendemain
cover art
cover art for “L'un Sans L'Autre”
cover art for “Un Jour Sans Lendemain”
other art
1 Les Enfants
2 La Pluie
3 Et Pourtant
4 L'un Sans L'Autre
5 Les Mémoires
6 Conflit
7 A Demi Mots
8 Je L'Appelai
9 Les Arbres
total duration
1 Intro
2 Naitre
3 Marcher
4 Vivre
5 Aimer
6 Souffrir
7 Interlude
8 Espérer
9 Oublier
10 Survivre
11 Mourir
12 Outro
total duration
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