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other names
  • ナート
  • Naht
located in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
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  • 準レギュラー
  • 河合盛樹 [Seiki Kawai]:
    • vocals
    • guitar
  • 笠井隆洋 [Takahiro Kasai]:
    • drums
  • 羽田剛 [Tsuyoshi Haneda]:
    • bass guitar
    (? – )
  • 八木昌太郎 [Shotaro Yagi]:
    • guitar
  • ワタゾウ [Watazou]:
    • bass guitar
    (? – ?)
  • Stanley “George” Bodman:
    • guitar
    (? – ?)
  • ウッチャン [Utchan]:
    • guitar
    (? – ?)
  • 清水泰而 [Taiji Shimizu]:
    • bass guitar
    (? – ?)
  • ヒサヤ [Hisaya]:
    • guitar
    (? – ?)
  • 谷本 [Tanimoto]:
    • guitar
    (? – ?)
  • 斉藤裕子 [Yuko Saito]:
    • violin
associated labels

NAHT was a post-hardcore/pop-punk band from Tokyo that formed in . The band formed out of some hardcore bands in the area like God’s Guts and Volume Dealers. They started relatively early on in their career (fall of ) opening for seminal Washington, D.C. post-hardcore act Fugazi when they came to Japan, and would go on to play alongside and work with many other Dischord Records acts. Outside of Japan, NAHT’s influence was rather limited, but within Japan, they had considerable influence in the development of post-hardcore and the popification (or pop-punkification) of it. NAHT are here labelled with the “midwest emo” genre, but it should be noted that NAHT arrived at their kind of fusion between post-hardcore and indie rock (and pop-punk, in this case) independently of American acts like Sunny Day Real Estate and Jimmy Eat World. NAHT’s primary influences were bands like Fugazi and Drive Like Jehu (and perhaps also Rocket from the Crypt!), and the sounds that NAHT came up with are not to be confused with those of their American counterparts. It is likely that if you are listening to a Japanese post-hardcore (including math rock) band, that band owes some of their influence and overall sound to NAHT (and/or to Envy, in the case of screamo!).

See the Japanese Wikipedia article on the band for more information.

notes on the distributions

The last two tracks on “Slake” are bonus tracks exclusive to the CD reissue.

“Galvanize Me! (Danceteria For Basic I.O.S. Mix)” is sometimes listed as “Galvanize Me~ -Danceteria For Basic I.O.S. Mix-” or as “Galvanize Me! -Danceteria For Basic I.O.S. Mix-”.

NAHT discography
title Downt Slake Theme b/w A Couple Days [split] John "Speedo" Reis tribute plus… Narrow Ways The Spelling Of My Solution Either Way You Want [V/A] The Emo Diaries Chapter Six: The Silence In My Heart [split] A Strange Stroke Of Fate Articuration In The Beta City
cover art
cover art for “Downt”
cover art for “Slake”
cover art for “Theme b/w A Couple Days”
cover art for “[split] John "Speedo" Reis tribute plus…”
cover art for “Narrow Ways”
cover art for “The Spelling Of My Solution”
cover art for “Either Way You Want”
cover art for “[V/A] The Emo Diaries Chapter Six: The Silence In My Heart”
cover art for “[split] A Strange Stroke Of Fate”
cover art for “Articuration”
cover art for “In The Beta City”
other art
1 D.I.S
2 Clever
3 Responsibility Wherebout
4 4trusto
5 Spent
6 Nothing In Common With My Sense
7 Downt
total duration
1 Config
2 Wound
3 Throwing The Emotion
4 Dis (Live)
5 Config (Live)
total duration
1 Theme ???
2 A Couple Days ???
total duration ???
1 Cowpers — Bullet Train to Vegas
2 Cowpers — Hand Over Fist
3 NAHT — Loot
4 NAHT — Placebo
5 Cowpers — Lost (Live)
6 NAHT — Railway
total duration
1 F.A.C.G.B.E.
2 Myself Broke Into Pieces
3 Irritating
4 Reason Reach A Way To Understand
5 A Couple Days
6 Landowner
7 Sympathy Of The Sure Will
8 Dishonesty
9 Your Two Penny Consciousness
10 Resentment
11 Real Estate
total duration
1 Spelling My Name
2 Either Way You Want
3 Inertia
4 Scenery
5 As Karma Goes
6 Last Word Of The Remarks
7 No One…
8 I Disperse
9 Is There Any Place For My Heart?
10 You Draw Correct Lines
11 A Trying Days
total duration
1 Either Way You Want ???
2 Myself Broke Into Pieces (Violin Version) ???
3 Irritating (Violin Version) ???
total duration ???
1 Southpaw — Hub
2 Lewis — Everything's Changed
3 Benton Falls — Tell Him
4 Stuart — 2:1
5 Dear Diary — This Year's First Snow
6 Barcode — Kent
7 Hangin' On A Thread — Flavour
8 Andherson — Wellspent
9 Honeysuckle Serontina — Stoopid
10 NAHT — Way Not Stand Against You
11 Dead Red Sea — Even If There's A Chance In Hell
12 Desert City Soundtrack — Left Your For Who You Are
total duration
1 MOGA THE ¥5 — 蒼白イナニカ…
2 MOGA THE ¥5 — 乾きゆく想ひに
3 MOGA THE ¥5 — 夕空のエレジー
4 MOGA THE ¥5 — 遠くで汽笛を聞きながら
5 NAHT — ムクロノオエツヨ
6 NAHT — Feelings Can Change The Same View
7 NAHT — Yours Truly, 2095 [Electric Light Orchestra cover]
total duration
1 Erease The Period
2 Canal
total duration
1 Edie! Edie!
2 Parallel Lines
3 Galvanize Me! (Danceteria For Basic I.O.S. Mix)
4 Moving Gravity
5 Tribally
6 Ill Beat Awakes
7 Shallow
8 Skyline Of The Beta City
9 Days You Swerved
10 Remember Four Knives
total duration
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