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other names
  • Nuito
lifespan – present
located in Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
  • ヒラヰケイイチロウ [Keiichiro Hirai]:
    • guitar
    • vocals
    • keyboards
  • トモフジイヌ [Atsushi Tomofuji]:
    • bass guitar
  • AWADA R [Sei Nagahata]:
    • drums
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Photo of nuito

nuito are(?) a math rock/post-rock power trio from Kyoto, formed some time in . They are most well-known for their only full-length record, the “Unutella”, although before that, they released two little-known EPs. These EPs are apparently quite rare, and I could only track down one of the two (and a lossy copy of it, at that).

nuito’s style seamlessly blends the kind of ADHD-driven brutal prog/math rock characteristic of both other Japanese acts like Ruins and Korekyojinn (是巨人) as well as American acts like planets and Ahleuchatistas (now Lighted Stairs) with a more pensive post-rock-inspired sound, comparable to the post-rock/math rock fusion of bands like toe and Giraffes? Giraffes!. “Unutella” is a classic of the math rock canon, and also serves as a useful introduction for those new to the genre of brutal prog.

nuito discography
title N^1 Anaphylaxis Unutella NUITO LIVE 2008 (Nuutleg1)
cover art
cover art for “N^1”
cover art for “Anaphylaxis”
cover art for “Unutella”
cover art for “NUITO LIVE 2008 (Nuutleg1)”
other art
1 dropD
2 ミモゴウム
3 ぽい枢機卿
4 Arrow 2.0
total duration
1 AWADA subliminal method
2 Mimogoum II
3 nemo
total duration
1 Intrjctn
2 NeKoMaJiN vs
3 Tongpoo
4 looo(no)reque protocol
5 消ええらるる世界
6 Hinemos
total duration
1 Nuutleg1
total duration
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