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located in San Diego County, California, United States
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  • John Goff:
    • guitar
  • Denver Lucas:
    • drums
  • Will Goff:
    • bass guitar
    • synthesizer
  • Rob Crow:
    • guitar
  • Jason Soares:
    • guitar
  • Travis Nelson:
    • guitar
  • Ryan Jencks:
    • guitar
    • violin
    ( – ?)
  • Cameron Jones:
    • drums
    ( – ?)
  • Pea Hix:
    • synthesizer
  • Thatcher Orbitashi:
    • synthesizer
associated labels

Physics was an early post-rock/experimental rock band from San Diego, California active during the 1990s. Originally formed in by John Goff and Denver Lucas (both previously of Johnny Superbad & the Bullet Catchers, and the latter also of powerdresser), Physics featured a rotating cast of musicians, so the member listing represented here is not exhaustive nor representative of the band at any particular point in time. Physics were, in their time and in many extant sources (including what is effectively the band’s own description of themselves, from Aspects Of Physics’s bandcamp page: “the enigmatic math rock band Physics”), considered “math rock”. They are not primarily tagged as math rock here because the band’s music is not usually reflective of the label — there are a number of possible reasons for this seemingly strange categorization, including the widespread loose association between post-rock and math rock; Physics sharing members with math rock groups like powerdresser, Heavy Vegetable, and Drive Like Jehu (Rick Froberg reportedly played as part of Physics, although he is not credited on any of their known recordings, so he is not represented in the member listing here); and possibly Physics’s association with southern California math rockers like Upsilon Acrux (with whom they appear on a V/A record). The band did sometimes play math rock, though: see e.g. “Seven-11ths”. In any case, most of the recordings that we now have of the band are live recordings, and the one “proper” album in the usual sense (full-length studio record) that they released was “Physics²”, released on the legendary San Diego label Gravity Records in . After the dissolution of Physics some time in , Jeff Coad, Jason Soares, and Thatcher Orbitashi went on to form Aspects Of Physics, a more electronically-focused continuation of Physics.

Perhaps the most obvious reference point for the music of Physics is Tortoise; both started releasing music at around the same time, both are considered post-rock, both shared members with post-hardcore/math rock bands (Bastro, Slint, and Gastr del Sol in Tortoise’s case), and both take influence from a wide variety of musical styles, including krautrock, minimalism, drone, electronic, noise, &c. In comparison to Tortoise, Physics were less likely to make use of straightforward melodies in their music, and also more likely to feature crescendi into loud, distorted sections (a feature that would later come to be associated with the post-rock label). Ultimately, the music of Physics is intentionally experimental and challenged the limits of popular music to a degree that makes them difficult to categorize other than with the retrospective and perhaps overly-broad “post-rock”. Physics comes highly recommended for fans of Tortoise, post-rock in general, and of Rob Crow’s various projects.

notes on the distributions

“‘Black’ 7″” is usually listed with both tracks being untitled.

“America Salutes Merzbow” consists entirely of covers of Merzbow tunes. The distribution here only includes Physics’s contribution to the record.

“Physics¹” is a compilation album of the band’s work up to that point (including all the material from the 7″).

The tracks on “2.7.98” have no titles.

The distribution for “Keep Left, Vol. 1: A Benefit for David Barsamian & Alternative Radio” only contains Physics’s contribution to the record.

Physics discography
title “Black” 7″ [V/A] America Salutes Merzbow Physics¹ Physics² [V/A] Che Fest 1999 [V/A] Flushing the Vault 2.7.98 [V/A] Keep Left, Vol. 1: A Benefit for David Barsamian & Alternative Radio 1999-11-21 3
cover art
cover art for ““Black” 7″”
cover art for “[V/A] America Salutes Merzbow”
cover art for “Physics¹”
cover art for “Physics²”
cover art for “[V/A] Che Fest 1999”
cover art for “[V/A] Flushing the Vault”
cover art for “2.7.98”
cover art for “[V/A] Keep Left, Vol. 1: A Benefit for David Barsamian & Alternative Radio”
cover art for “1999-11-21”
cover art for “3”
other art
1 @ The Studio ???
2 @ The Hong Kong Cafe ???
total duration ???
1 Lesser — Rod Drug ’95
2 John Hudak — Uluk Reconstitution
3 Free Base Wusabi — 42 Pounds Of Chiplings
4 Small Cruel Party — Autokitty Go No Go
5 Chop Shop — S.C.U.M.P.
6 Chemical Toybox — Antimonument
7 AMK — Jones-San Kon Ban-Wa
8 Speculum Fight — Lowest Music & Arts
9 Greifer — Crash In Hi-Fi
10 Physics — Road-Seaching Electric Sound From The Super-Charged Nineties!
11 Fin — Christinaudile
12 blackhumour — Electro Nuts
13 Allegory Chapel Ltd. — Brain Forest For Mental Digital Concrete (7-16-95)
14 Lucas — Crash In Hi-Fi
15 Con-Dom — White Prickes, Yellow Pricks, Black Pricks, Brown Pricks...
16 The Spacewürm — Seishi Sappuku Kei
17 Alger Hiss — Border
18 Big City Orchestra — Weltanschauung
19 Anal Sadist — Breathe
20 UCLA Experimental Workshop Ensemble — #5
21 Gen Ken Montgomery — Thank You Thank You
22 Pea Hix — Lead You Towards Glorious Times (vTI-99/4A)
23 The Haters — Crocidura Dsi Nezumi
total duration
1 Second 7″ Side 1
2 Second 7″ Side 2
3 Delayed Drone
4 First 7″ Side 1
5 First 7″ Side 2
6 Song From Video
7 Live At The Casbah [1995-02-07]
total duration
1 Positive Heterodyne
2 Delayed Drone
3 Wave File 3
4 Level 2 – Part A
5 Level 2 – Part B
6 +⇄−
7 Proper
8 Neutralogue
9 Negative Heterodyne
total duration
1 Electric Nazarene — Kentucky Waterfall ???
2 Gogogo Airheart — These Honor Suits ???
3 Volume 11 — Inhalants ???
4 The Roots Of Orchis — Accompanied By Fever ???
5 Jejune — Early Stars ???
6 Yaphet Kotto — The Glove ???
7 Sterling Silver — Carousel ???
8 Oma Yang — There's No General Chow In Team ???
9 Camera Obscura — Sound ???
10 Physics — Level X|2 ???
11 Get Hustle — Charles Bronson ???
12 Sunday's Best — Turn Them A Deaf Ear ???
13 Vile Maxim — Sarkko / Fikkus ???
14 Reversal Of Man — Quantis ???
15 The Black Heart Procession — Blue Tears ???
16 Boilermaker — Trunk ???
total duration ???
1 Custom Floor — My Knot And Knee
2 Upsilon Acrux — 45 Seconds
3 Soul-Junk — Bottomless Might
4 Gogogo Airheart — And The Excitement, Stop!... I Continue With New Needs Daily And Spending My Attention, Just To Keep Up, Your Daydreams Are My Work Realities, Stop!... Now I Recognize Your Direction... Fuck Your Opinions. Ignorant To Control, Sidestepping... Your Fact Is Fantasy
5 ÜÜM — Blood On The Flaypsts
6 Rafter Roberts — Blue Room, Red Curtain
7 The Free Stars — Prison Walls
8 Last Of The Juanitas — Untitled
9 The Black Heart Procession — Pulsecheck
10 Physics — 00:00:00
total duration
1 1
2 2
total duration
1 Negativland — Truth In Advertising
2 Elliott Sharp: Tectonics — Near The Wall
3 Kronos Quartet — Tonight Is The Night
4 The Olivia Tremor Control & The Elephant Six Orchestra — Glass Beard
5 Windy & Carl — Through The Portal
6 Loren Mazzacane Connors — In My Open Door
7 South — Settled Room
8 Flowchart — Filmsy Parade
9 Marianne Nowottny — Mustard Seed
10 Friends Of Dean Martinez — Wichita Lineman
11 Physics — Comparison Of Valid Options
12 Treiops Treyfid — Powder Horn
13 Built To Spill — This Is What I Believe
14 Pere Ubu — Discovery World/Petrified
total duration
1 Introde
2 Seven-11ths
3 Level 4
4 De-Lay
total duration
1 Level 4
2 Seventh Elevenths
3 Carry The One
4 On Delay
total duration
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