Pigment Vehicle

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  • PV
located in Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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  • Budokan
  • Colin:
    • bass guitar
  • Jay:
    • drums
  • Craig
  • Tolan (? – )
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Photo of Pigment Vehicle

Pigment Vehicle were a very early math rock band from Victoria, B.C. Information on this band, and recordings of their music, are scarce; see Fecking Bahamas’ coverage (archived) and the Live Victoria thread linked therein (archived). They are associated with fellow Victorians Nomeansno, playing in a similarly noisy, sometimes goofy, and sometimes mathy style of post-hardcore/post-punk/punk. If Nomeansno’s works like “Sex Mad” (), “Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed” (), and “Wrong” () were proto-math rock, then the works of their apprentice, Pigment Vehicle, were arguably early artifacts of math rock proper.

“Hockey Night in Saskatoon”, the band’s cassette demo, is arguably already mathy enough to count as a full-blown math rock album, which would make them a very early entry into the math rock canon. For math rock fans, their first fully-formed effort in this respect is probably “Perfect Cop Mustache”. “Murder's Only Foreplay When You're Hot For Revenge” is similarly essential and perhaps their “best-known” record, although this distinction may not be meaningful, since whatever small influence Pigment Vehicle may have had, it unfortunately did not stay with time.

notes on the distributions

Pigment Vehicle’s contribution to “It Came From Victoria” is the 3rd track on the record overall. The same Pigment Vehicle recording also shows up on “Perfect Cop Mustache”, but in the distributions here, they are compressed differently, so both are included.

“Murder's Only Foreplay When You're Hot For Revenge” lists a thirteenth track (“Boeuf Mon Amour”), but there are reportedly only twelve tracks on the original CD.

Pigment Vehicle discography
title Hockey Night in Saskatoon Let the Squids Fly Free [V/A] It Came From Victoria Perfect Cop Mustache Independent Women Are So Damned Good Murder's Only Foreplay When You're Hot For Revenge
cover art
cover art for “Hockey Night in Saskatoon”
cover art for “Let the Squids Fly Free”
cover art for “Perfect Cop Mustache”
cover art for “Independent Women Are So Damned Good”
cover art for “Murder's Only Foreplay When You're Hot For Revenge”
year ???
1 Three Parts
2 Let It Go
3 Metamorphosis
4 I'm an Alligator
5 Look Up and Live
6 Ivan F.
7 Kitty
8 It's Nothing in Particular
9 Your Car Door Is Open
total duration
1 Savin My Cash for a Hog
2 This Is for Your Eyes Only That's for Sure
3 I Am
4 Cheese Omelettes
5 Perogies for Everyone
6 Torpedo Sandwich
7 Bikini Underwear
8 Hi Fish
9 Oedipus Complexus (For Pick-Up)
10 Smoking a Small Piece of Your Brain Made From Your Loves Ball and Socket
11 Half In Half Out
12 The Wilma Dance
total duration
1 Pigment Vehicle — Cylindrical Earth's Women
total duration ???
1 Sword To Sword
2 Cylindrical Earth's Women
3 Lice
4 And Then They Went
5 Chicken Blaster
6 Harold's Club
7 Draize
8 You Need Colour, You Need Death
9 Big Floppy
10 Total Control
11 Toxic Logs
12 Clean Baby Machine
13 Dig
14 Bastard Formula
total duration
1 Lawn Boy Not Moving
2 I Feel Fine
3 Beak a Neck
4 Queen of the World
5 F.P.P.C.S.
6 Fully Grown
7 Lights
8 Learn to Breathe
total duration
1 Sleep
2 Garbage
3 Fake Rescope
4 I Compare You
5 Combing The Dessert
6 It's Impossible
7 Starling Killer
8 Conspiracy
9 Corvus Brachorbyncos
10 Bubble Highness
11 The Wonder Of It All (Baby)
12 Bug On My Bag
total duration
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