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located in Bellingham, Washington, United States
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  • Mark Detrick:
    • guitar
    • vocals
    • keyboards
  • Drew Fitchette:
    • guitar
    • vocals
    • bass guitar
    • percussion
  • Wendelin Wohlgemuth:
    • drums
    • percussion
  • Jonathan McIntyre:
    • bass guitar
    • baritone guitar
    • guitar
    • vocals
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Photo of Rooftops

Rooftops was a math rock/post-rock hybrid band from Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A. Although — as far as I know — they only released one proper album (most sources only list this album) and a split, they are fairly well-known for their expertly beautiful combination of elements of math rock, post-rock, and even hints of midwest emo.

Rooftops hailed from Bellingham, Washington, a medium-sized city in between the metro areas of Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. They signed to Clickpop Records, also based in Bellingham, in . This was after releasing their split with noumenon, which presumably was self-released (not on any label). In , Clickpop Records released their debut LP, “A Forest of Polarity”, an album whose song titles are all anagrams of one another. , Topshelf Records (re-)issued the LP, which is why some sources erroneously list its release year as


Two of the members of Rooftops (Drew Fitchette & Wendelin Wohlgemuth) would go on to form Detlef, another band also in the math rock style.

A series of photos taken at a Rooftops show on

at The Rogue Hero (now defunct),

due to Paul Turpin, can be found here:

notes on the distributions

noumenon’s bandcamp used to have an additional compilation release listed, although it can no longer be found. Back when it existed, I downloaded it — unfortunately, the same problem occured here that occured with The Brave Little Abacus. At the time, I downloaded in CBR 320kb/s MP3, so that’s all I have here. The compilation included all 4 tracks from the noumenon/Rooftops split, so they are included here.

Rooftops discography
title [split] noumenon / Rooftops A Forest of Polarity
cover art
cover art for “[split] noumenon / Rooftops”
cover art for “A Forest of Polarity”
other art
1 noumenon —, For All Your Bro Rag Needs
2 noumenon — Deans La Deans
3 Rooftops — Robuts
4 Rooftops — Untitled
total duration
1 Fiery Atlas (intro)
2 Astray Life
3 I Fast Early
4 Raft Easily
5 Year as Lift
6 Tear as I Fly
7 A Layer Fits
8 Leafy Stair
9 Era Falsity
10 Sea Frailty
total duration
dspr? format source gratis? URLs
yes MP3 @ 320kb/s (CBR) bandcamp yes
dspr? format source gratis? URLs
no FLAC @ 44.1kHz & 16bit Topshelf Records no