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  • Behind Trees
located in Alameda County, California, United States
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  • Loma Prieta
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Sailboats was a screamo band from Berkeley, California that probably formed some time around and probably dissolved some time around . Information on the band is scarce; all that we know is that they were a power trio, at least one member of the band went on to form Loma Prieta, and they released a two-song demo some time in . The band is occasionally referred to as “Behind Trees”, which is also the title of the first song on their demo; their MySpace page’s URL has a slug of behindtrees, and reportedly, the members of Loma Prieta refer to the band as “Behind Trees” and will occasionally play the song of the same name live. There was a rumor floating around the internet when the band dissolved that their dissolution was due to two out of the three members dying in a car crash, but most sources seem to discount this as a hoax started by the band themselves. Some sources also claim that the band recorded an LP before breaking up, but that the LP was never released. Their two-song demo is also sometimes extended to a four-song demo (with two extra tracks at the end, “53 Second Song” and “Four”), but these two tracks are disputed and probably have been confused with the actual demo (possibly being songs by a different band); still, they are included for completeness.

It’s unfortunate that the copies of the demo now floating around are in a very low-quality encoding (128kb/s MP3), especially since the quality of the recording itself seems to be quite good, and the songs and performances are very strong. In the words of a RateYourMusic user, Sailboats are “the greatest screamo band that never was”. The two-song demo comes highly recommended to any screamo fan.

notes on the distributions

The tracks “Two” and “Four” are sometimes listed as “2” and ”4”, respectively. It may or may not be the case that “53 Second Song” and “Four” are by Sailboats.

Sailboats discography
title [demo] [demo] [disputed tracks]
cover art
cover art for “[demo]”
cover art for “[demo] [disputed tracks]”
1 Behind Trees
2 Two
total duration
1 53 Second Song
2 Four
total duration
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yes MP3 @ 128kb/s (CBR) Soulseek yes
dspr? format source gratis? URLs
yes MP3 @ 128kb/s (CBR) Soulseek yes