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other names
  • Saleontomorrow
located in Norwich, Norfolk, England
related artists
  • Pennines
  • TTNG
  • Darwin & The Dinosaur
  • Henry Tremain:
    • vocals
    • guitar
  • David Thorpe:
    • bass guitar
    • secondary vocals
  • Alan Hiom:
    • guitar
    • secondary vocals
  • Daniel Reynolds:
    • drums
associated labels
Photo of saleontomorrow

saleontomorrow was an English math rock/math pop band that, along with Colour, prefigured the English math pop scene of the late 2000s and early 2010s. Their sound was somewhat more clearly punk-y (or rather, early-2000s post-hardcore) than Colour’s, and is characterized by snaky guitar and bass guitar lines, dynamics that borrow somewhat from post-rock, and Henry Tremain’s (now of TTNG) vocal style. Unfortunately, saleontomorrow’s career ended prematurely and tragically with the death of bassist David Thorpe in a motorcycling accident (R.I.P.).

What we still have of saleontomorrow’s recorded output is unfortunately little and low in fidelity, as it is clear that this band were very precocious, and a fitting forebear of the English math pop scene.

Also worth noting is Pennines, the band that Tremain formed in between saleontomorrow and joining TTNG.

Two photos of the band have been ripped from and can be viewed here:

notes on the distributions

Brailing’s side of the split with saleontomorrow is not included — indeed, all information about the other side of the split is unknown.

All entries in the discography are tentative, and may be incomplete. Information about the band and their music is scarce.

The distribution for the track “intheunlikelyeventofafire” (the 2nd on the “[demo]”) has an effective sample rate of 22.05kHz, and a bitrate of 96kb/s.

saleontomorrow discography
title [demos] [split] saleontomorrow / Brailing
cover art
1 call and response
2 intheunlikelyeventofafire
3 tideoftongueandtoothache
4 feathers
total duration
1 saleontomorrow — if you throw your eyes my way i will catch them
2 saleontomorrow — lip service to friends
total duration
dspr? format source gratis? URLs
yes MP3+MP3 @ 192+96kb/s (CBR) [net] yes
dspr? format source gratis? URLs
yes MP3+MP3 @ 192+128kb/s (CBR) [net] yes