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other names
  • Snøras
located in Oslo, Oslo, Norway
related artists
  • Kaospilot
  • Lukestar
  • Yngve Hilmo:
    • vocals
    • guitar
    • bass guitar
    • drums
  • Mads Hornsletten:
    • drums
  • Mathias Nylenna:
    • guitar
    • secondary vocals
  • Marius Ergo:
    • bass guitar
    • secondary vocals
  • Kenneth Lamond:
    • drums
associated labels
Photo of Snöras

Snöras (in English: “avalanche”, although usually spelled snøras) was a screamo band from Oslo that formed some time in . Snöras was primarily the project of Yngve Hilmo, who did the songwriting, vocals, and much of the instrumentation. However, the member listing above also reflects other musicians who have been members of Snöras (particularly when playing live), especially Mads Hornsletten, who played most of the drums for Snöras in addition to being the drummer for Kaospilot, another screamo outfit also from Oslo. Snöras released a trilogy of full-length records, with the first two installments in and , respectively, followed by the final installment in .

Snöras’s music is typically characterised by punchy eighth-note chords and somewhat high tempi during heavier sections, which make use of the full range of the guitar and enjoy typically heavy syncopation and off-kilter rhythmic stabs due to some influence of math rock. This is accompanied by the pained screams & yelps, and the often complex and dynamic song structures typical of screamo. Although the vocal style and the consistent use of these eighth-note block chords creates a somewhat homogeneous texture throughout the first two albums, the exact way that these chords are composed and the complex latent rhythmic structures make Snöras’s music unusually melodic/catchy, angular, and varied. Add in the mellower and more texturally experimental sections that break this texture up, and you have the approach that made Snöras one of the best bands that screamo has to offer. The final installment in the trilogy, “Life in the Gutter” (), retains some of the qualities of the first two installments (if you listen closely enough), but has an intentionally very lo-fi aesthetic that makes picking out individual notes rather difficult; as self-described: “The album goes back to square one: No frills. No fancy stuff. Just a mess of drums, guitar and screaming straight to tape”.

Snöras discography
title Heart of Weakness Plague Waters Life in the Gutter
cover art
cover art for “Heart of Weakness”
cover art for “Plague Waters”
cover art for “Life in the Gutter”
1 Exit, Exit
2 She Swims Like a Dolphin
3 The Weakness
4 X Equals H
5 I Thought We Were Martyrs
6 Fall If You Want to Fall
7 Dear Leonard
8 C'est L'amour
9 Joseph, Maria & Romeo
10 Enter the Arctic
total duration
1 All My Neurotic Friends
2 We Watched Them Thru the Thick Crystal Panes
3 Lucid River
4 Spiral Waves
5 Mosaic Devours
6 Harakiri for the Sky and the Trees
7 -
8 The Racing Marbles Bloom
total duration
1 Full Mental Bucket
2 Trumpets Fading
3 Wara Waste
4 Joseph, I´m Only Drinkin´
5 Emomaniac
6 No Mojo
7 Saturday Pants
8 King Al.
9 The Cheat
10 Last Day on the Job
11 Junkie in the Hall
12 She Got Away
13 Dead Sweet, Evil Eye
14 Nights in a Can
15 Life in the Gutter
16 Kill Yr Darlings
17 The Darkside of Inspector Morse
total duration
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