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  • Atlas
  • Emily Harris:
    • vocals
  • Dan Castledine:
    • guitar
  • Dan Wright:
    • guitar
  • Joe Lang:
    • bass guitar
    • secondary vocals
  • Dan Emery:
    • drums

Tabar was an English math pop band from the English math pop scene of the late 2000s and early 2010s. Tabar was unfortunately short lived, and we have little more than of total recorded material from them. Nevertheless, Tabar offered an excellent poppified take on math rock that is very well-written and features excellent vocal performances from Emily Harris (now of Atlas). All three Tabar songs are tightly composed, compact 3–4 minute tunes that waste no time and feature the kind of intricate guitarwork that we expect from math pop. Tabar are proof that math rock music can be clearly math rock without specifically making use of odd/complex time signatures; despite only making use of 3/4 and 4/4, the music of Tabar is still rhythmically complex, never letting up on the heavy syncopation and counterposed melodies.

Take a listen to their discography — it’s only !

notes on the distributions

Tabar distributed their album using DistroKid, which includes auto-generated YouTube uploads. The distribution listed here was extracted from said YouTube videos with youtube-dl -x, in order to get the highest quality audio rip.

The song “Gimma a Reason” is sometimes listed as “Gimme a Reason”.

Tabar discography
title Hugs
cover art
cover art for “Hugs”
1 Gimma a Reason
2 Hugs
3 Go Dingoes
total duration
dspr? format source gratis? URLs
yes Opus @ 133kb/s (VBR) YouTube yes