The Edmund Fitzgerald

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other names
  • Elizabeth
located in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
related artists
  • Foals
  • Yannis Philippakis:
    • vocals
    • guitar
  • Jack Bevan:
    • drums
  • Lina Simon:
    • guitar
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Photo of The Edmund Fitzgerald

The Edmund Fitzgerald was a math rock band from Oxford that is best known for being the predecessor of math pop (and later, indie rock) band Foals. The Edmund Fitzgerald’s sound was less poppy than what Foals would later be, and their music is centered around dynamic, long-form songs (in the post-rock style). Some of the band’s music (q.v. the first six tracks off of the “[compiled demos]”) warrants use of the midwest emo label here, for the dynamism combined with twinkly guitars, the vocal style, and punk attitude suggest it — a comparison could perhaps be made to The Van Pelt. Their other music is more clearly math rock, focusing on the interplay of noodly guitars (sometimes clean, sometimes distorted) with athletic drumming, in a style comparable to bands like The Purkinje Shift and Don Caballero (although not instrumental, unlike those two bands). In , Lina Simon quit the band, opting not to pursue a musical career at the time. Yannis Philippakis and Jack Bevan would go on to form Foals.

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notes on the distributions

The tracks on “[compiled demos]” are generally of uncertain date, as none of them were officially released as far as I know. They are probably mostly from , so that is the date used here.

The distributions for “Truck 2003 I am Five”, “The Edmund Fitzgerald / Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies”, “Silver Rocket SR50”, and “Noisestar Sessions #05 And #06” all only contain The Edmund Fitzgerald’s contributions to each of those albums, respectively.

The Edmund Fitzgerald discography
title [compiled demos] [V/A] Truck 2003 I am Five [split] The Edmund Fitzgerald / Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies [V/A] Silver Rocket SR50 [split] Noisestar Sessions #05 And #06
cover art
cover art for “[V/A] Truck 2003 I am Five”
cover art for “[split] The Edmund Fitzgerald / Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies”
cover art for “[V/A] Silver Rocket SR50”
cover art for “[split] Noisestar Sessions #05 And #06”
other art
1 Bobby Durst
2 In August
3 Sarin
4 It Must've Been the Machine
5 Dela Hoya
6 The Cosmonaut
7 Cans Of Rainwater
total duration
1 The Edible 5ft Smiths — Cycle Nova Scotia ???
2 The Broken Family Band — The Mardi Gras Rescue Mission ???
3 Finlay — Plastic Cowboy ???
4 The Edmund Fitzgerald — Eli Cash
5 Days Of Grace — Solaris ???
6 Daughters Courageous — Saddest Ever ???
7 Easy Tiger — Without You Girl ???
8 Fiel Garvie — Talking A Hole In My Head ???
9 Chris T-T & KTB — The Tin Man ???
10 Laura Veirs — Bedroom Eyes ???
11 Stars Of Aviation — Stars Of Aviation Are Singing About The Summer, But Is It Going To Be Sunny, Carole? ???
12 Vic Twenty — Kiss You ???
13 Rachael Dadd — 180 ???
14 Brotherhood of Fish — Sick Of Goodbyes ???
15 Winnebago Deal — Two Minute Warning ???
16 The Epstein-Barr Virus Band — NYC Blues ???
17 The Amy Matthews Trio ft. Will Bartlett — Joy Is A High Window ???
total duration ???
1 The Edmund Fitzgerald — Horses
2 Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies — When We Won't Have To Make The Freezing Scene No More ???
total duration ???
1 Joeyfat — Valréas To Villard De Lans (180km)
2 Stanton — Ripped Up
3 Ships-A-Going Down — Girl/Ninjo
4 These Hands — Marvin's Dance
5 Macrocosmica — Albanian Modes
6 Spraydog — Get This Way
7 Torgas Valley Reds — Deep In The Ground
8 Kaito — Non-Descript
9 Help She Can't Swim — Knit 1, Pearl 1
10 Todd — Dangerous Drifter
11 The Rock Of Travolta — Keep Them All Afraid And They'll Consume
12 The Scaramanga Six — The Electricity Bill
13 Pfaff — Lay Down In The Grass
14 Lords — Baijoul
15 Fixit Kid — Hand Of God
16 Part Chimp — Seedsy
17 Beachbuggy — Nineteen
18 Querelle — Wind Me Up
19 The Edmund Fitzgerald — Two Broke Kids Bikes/These Wet Houston Driveways
20 Cove — Thelonious Monk Vs Melodious Funk
21 Los Planetos Del Agua — Devoid Of Green
22 Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies — Radiodistalgesic
23 Reynolds — Younga (Live At Silver Rocket)
24 Drop Bear — We Examine
25 Jullander — Het Blauwe Stad
26 Audiowhore — Who Died And Made You The Botanist?
27 Weevil vs The Swedish Chef — Raindrowned
28 Princess Headbutt — Carving The Iron Moustache Part One
29 Jet Johnson — Point Of Goodbyes
30 Mercedes — Sinc (Kevin Shields Mix)
31 Prague — Needless Talks
32 Tempertwig — Heartfelt Letter To An Ex-Friend
33 Radio Stoke — Indoor Skiing
34 Castro — Blow Out
35 Magoo — The Silver Surfer
36 Les Flames! — Une, Deux, Trois, Quatre...
37 Pilot To Gunner — Get Saved
38 Team — Racing Line
39 Oil Red O — Mammoth
40 Montana Pete — White Lightning
41 Reverend Pike — Boy Parts
42 Twinkie — Is It Dieter Or Is It Peter?
43 Hyper Kinako — Car & Kettle
44 DJ Downfall — Black Pants
45 Ann Arbor — Creep Diet
46 MJ Hibbett — I've Got What You Need
47 William Elliott Whitmore — From The Cell Door To The Gallows
48 Econoline — Turn Off The Machines (Live)
49 Wolves! (Of Greece) — Hey! I Look Good In Jeans (Live)
50 Hey Colossus — Silver Rocket [Sonic Youth cover]
total duration ???
1 The Edmund Fitzgerald — My Quiet Hearts Slight Of Hand
2 Bilge Pump — Storm In A Teardrop
3 Bilge Pump — Yell The Tell
4 Bilge Pump — Art Nouveau
5 Bilge Pump — Rebel Decade
total duration ???
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