the tumbled sea

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other names
  • The Tumbled Sea
located in Boston, Massachusetts, United States
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  • Magic Man
  • Sam Vanderhoop Lee
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the tumbled sea was a solo project of one Sam Lee of Boston, Massachusetts. The music of the tumbled sea sits somewhere between ambient and western chamber music, with sparse textures typically involving piano and synthesizer, as well as other elements like nonmusical samples, and mellotron-style accompaniment by violin-family instruments and woodwinds. Although the music of the tumbled sea insists on simplicity and even minimalism, it conveys a hauntingly beautiful quality that feels more genuine and amateurish than it does cynical or calculated.

“songs by the tumbled sea” was originally self-released, but later was re-issued in alongside the original release of “melody summer” by futurerecordings. futurerecordings was a label started by Adam Nanaa of the highly influential early-1990s post-hardcore band Indian Summer. Sometime in , futurerecordings’s bandcamp and Facebook pages (among other things) were deleted.

notes on the distributions

futurerecordings used to have a bandcamp page (archived), although it can no longer be found. Back when it existed, I downloaded the tumbled sea’s music — unfortunately, the same problem occured here that occured with The Brave Little Abacus. At the time, I downloaded in CBR 320kb/s MP3, so that’s all I have here.

“songs by the tumbled sea” had two bonus tracks (“untitled for piano and violins” and “untitled for piano”) added to the end of the album for the futurerecordings re-issue.

“melody summer” is sometimes spelled with a forward slash, like e.g. “Melody/Summer”. Here, we use the spelling given by futurerecordings’s bandcamp listing.

the tumbled sea discography
title songs by the tumbled sea melody summer
cover art
cover art for “songs by the tumbled sea”
cover art for “melody summer”
other art
1 97202
2 walking
3 emily's song
4 children building this rainman out of snow
5 A song for staying in.
6 a growing recognition of the genius of birds.
7 sleeps
8 may
9 we're turning into regular people
10 doves
11 a love song
12 the people you never knew about
13 untitled for piano and violins
14 untitled for piano
total duration
1 summer ii
2 summer v
3 summer iii
4 summer iv
5 melody i
6 melody ii
7 melody iii
8 Ø
9 \\
10 melody iv
11 summer vi
total duration
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yes MP3 @ 320kb/s (CBR) bandcamp yes
dspr? format source gratis? URLs
yes MP3 @ 320kb/s (CBR) bandcamp yes